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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vacation Pattern

.So what kind of vacation do u like..her..blah lah blah..ok.. my ideal vacation..would be like a nice bike ride.the himalayas.just riding through beautiful moutains..n just enjoying the view..but you know what would be really when you have the mix of both excitement of reaching that point and also enjoying the journey ..where u feel relaxed..eased out..n yet know that this thing is really exciting. what's more important is.. how you can let your possibilities(pts)..
explore your wild side..and every time as you are doing get a feel so good...and you feel like you have to do it again..coz..just being here ..brings out all the excitement..and all the passions begin to flow in your mine...and as you slowly get closer to that place where u want to be..that feeling starts building..and mmmm. it can feel so nice inside. Sometimes you just can't wait to just get there, but when you take it can be really explosive

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tea Pattern

I ran this pattern, while chatting on the net.
It went pretty well, so I thought I will share it with all you guys.

This is the actual chat... :)

Started off with some inital fluff talk, related to feeling relaxed and pampering oneself

Babe: That I wud love to be pampered such
me: hehe.. would you like some assam/darjeeling tea?
don't think about th time
10:28 PM Babe: wud be like heaven
me: ok darjeeling tea..coming up..just for you
Babe: thank you
10:29 PM me: but we have tradition here...smell the aroma..
Babe: ah ok
me: and then smell some more...
but before..u can sip it..u have 2 ask urself..have u earned it
10:30 PM Babe: evry bit of it.
Evry bit of it.
me: ok just kidding
Babe: oh kidding..
10:31 PM i thot it was happening
The aroma is still lingering
me: so u can just relax thre.. hold that cup of tea.smeling the aroma..and take a nice little sip
10:32 PM as you take another one..u can let it flow inside you..down ur throat..
and feel it's it travels down
and spreads through ur ur chest...slowly
10:33 PM making u feel so good..isn't it
Babe: yes .................very
10:34 PM me: and as it keeps can let that tingling you spread...
and the warmth,,go deep inside..u..where ..u long to have it
10:35 PM Babe: its all over me...already...the sensation
me: :) can you imagine..
having sip after sp..of this tea
10:36 PM and allowing this feeling to grow inside of you..
untill each and every pore begins to drip..with this sensation...with this pleasure
10:37 PM Babe: What are you? what did I do to earn this?
10:38 PM this is more than just special
me: :)

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